Peterson Introduces New LED Lights

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Peterson recently introduced the 290 series LED license/utility light. Made with a compact, rugged design, and single-diode Great White LED efficiency, the 290 series packs plenty into a small package, stated the supplier.

Peterson engineers leveraged the company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce a light with precision optics and superior light dispersal combined with a compact design and single-diode economy.

The 290 series lights are available as low-profile utility/auxiliary lights measuring 3 inches wide by 0.6 inches high, or as legal license lights when installed with either a top- or side-mount spacer bracket. Hard-wired with a choice of either stripped leads or .180-bullet connectors, the new lights surface-mount on 2-inch centers.

“We think our new 290 series lights are the most exciting LED license light design on the market,” said Mark Assenmacher, Peterson’s marketing director. “Their precision optics with optimal light output and superior dispersal make these USA-made products the best value in LED license lights. We have them in stock and ready to ship today.”

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