Phoenix Offers MORryde RSX Suspension

The Phoenix Cruiser

Phoenix USA RV has made the MORryde RSX Suspension System available as an option on select Phoenix Cruiser models.

For more than 50 years, MORryde has offered suspension systems to improve the ride quality on rough roads and the company said the RSX is the latest generation of its advanced suspension systems.

The RSX uses MORryde’s rubber shear spring technology to cushion and absorb road shock

and deliver a smoother ride. In addition, the RSX incorporates Bilstein front and rear shock absorbers and a larger diameter rear sway bar. The shock absorbers help reduce road harshness and eliminate excessive bouncing while the sway bar helps control body roll and sway.

According to MORryde, the result is a true ride-and-drive package that allows the Phoenix Cruiser to offer much smoother ride quality, improved drivability and handling and improved cornering and stability than other Class B and C motorhomes on the market.

“We’re excited to include the MORryde RSX package among our list of options for our Phoenix Cruiser line,” said Barry Hyser, national sales manager for Phoenix USA. “Ever since the Phoenix Cruiser was launched, we have focused on building a high quality motorhome. As soon as we did the test drives with the RSX we knew it would complement the Phoenix Cruiser product line exceptionally well.”


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