Play-mor, Forest River, Keystone, Heartland on Weekly NHTSA Recall List

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The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has issued its weekly vehicle notice, and several RV makers made the list.

Play-Mor Trailers said it is recalling its 2017 199 Camping Trailer, its 2017-20 2-Room Trailer, its 2017-20 3-Room Trailer, its 2017 BBQ Trailer, its 2017-20 Hair and Makeup Trailer, its 2019-20 Motorsport SUV Trailer, its 2017-20 Restroom Trailer, and its 2020 Single Room Trailer because of a propane regulator that may fail and cause fire. The recall number is 22V007.

Forest River is recalling its 2022 Cherokee because of incorrect rim information on Label/FMVSS 120. The recall number is 22V012.

Keystone RV is recalling its 2022 Keystone Alpine and 2022 Keystone Avalanche because the exterior ladder may be improperly attached. The recall number is 22V015.

And Heartland RV is recalling its 2021-22 Cyclone, its 2021-22 Fuel, its 20210-22 Gravity and its 2021-22 Road Warrior, all because of tire belt separation. The recall number is 22V018.

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