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Polser Technology Ruled Effective Against COVID-19

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Polser Composite Materials Corp., along with its Polser USA subsidiary, have announced that its Antimicrobial (AMB) technology has been tested against COVID-19 and has been found to be 99 percent effective in killing the deadly pathogen.

Polser Composite Materials Corporation in Izmir, Turkey, is a developer and manufacturer of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and lightweight composites. It produces a variety of coiled and cut-to-length sheet products used in a multitude of industries, including RV manufacturing.

“Polser AMB is an innovative antimicrobial surface coating technology which is effective on 99.9 percent of more than 100 species of virus and bacteria including COVID-19 and has been developed for the first time in the world and patented worldwide by Polser,” the company said.

Nanotechnology is used to produce hygienic panels for hygienic spaces. Many of the world’s hygiene standard-setting and measuring organizations have also certified this effect on the surfaces. The company said that this technology meets the hygiene and hygienic panel requirements of the health and food industry without any chemicals, toxic and cancerogenic substances.

Previously, Polser announced it was partnering with Winnebago Specialty Vehicles Division to use its AMB internally on walls and ceilings for the manufture wide range of mobile medical vehicles.

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