P.O.P. Display Increases Sales for Progress Manufacturing

A point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) display by Progress Manufacturing for its Fastway products has led to a 30 percent increase in Fastway sales, according to Dan Dustin, a manufacturing representative for the company.

The 5-foot-tall P.O.P. end-cap display includes two bottom shelves to promote the Fastway Flip jack foot and Fastway ONEstep Chock, peg board to hang the Fastway Zip breakaway cable, and an 8- by 10-inch video screen illustrating how to utilize all the products, including the Fastway e2 Hitch.

“The dealers really like it because they don’t have to explain the product to the customer. The customer watches the video – it takes three minutes and they understand everything there on display,” Dustin told RV PRO.

The company also implements a separate, two-tiered P.O.P. display to promote its e2 Hitch and Equal-i-zer hitch products.

To assure the video P.O.P. display was worth the money to produce, Progress Manufacturing tested it at 15 dealerships and compared the results with 15 dealership carrying the same products without the display.

“The display comes at a significant cost to us. But, what we found was the customer benefitted and dealers sold a lot more of our product,” he said.

Prior to using the new display, Progress Manufacturing relied on its product packaging on a dealer’s shelf to market to retail customers. Last year, Progress Manufacturing increased and reallocated part of its marketing budget to make room for the new P.O.P. end-cap.

“Since our product is new to the market it requires an explanation. We wanted to make sure the explanation was appropriate to the product and that customers understood exactly what it could do and its potential,” Dustin said. “We found with the new display, we could tell all the benefits of the product the same way to every customer.”

Progress Manufacturing has also shifted its marketing efforts to focus on communicating with consumers directly using Twitter and Facebook. The company is already on Twitter and in the process of setting up a Facebook strategy.

“We’ll tweet on new products that we’ve got,” Dustin said. “Another example is after our Fastway Flip received the Popular Mechanics award this year at the SEMA show, we tweeted that.”

Click here to view the product video used on Progress Manufacuring's P.O.P. end-cap display.

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