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Power Solutions Showcases New Engine Options

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Power Solutions

Power Solutions International, a company that makes emissions-certified alternative-fuel and conventional power systems, presented its latest gasoline-fueled RV engines at the RV Industry Association’s 53rd National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., (Dec. 1-3). 

PSI’s top highlights include its 500 horsepower 8.8-liter RV engine and a low-speed 8.8-liter engine designed to deliver diesel-like torque.  The company also showcased its 6-liter RV engine.

“With the RV market set to reach a 25-year high, this is the perfect time and place to offer OEMs high-powered gasoline engines,” said Gary Winemaster, PSI’s chairman and CEO. “There has been a market gap in terms of affordable, high-performance Class A options. Our new engines provide choices that will enable consumers to avoid taking a hit on power or price.”

Topping out at 500 horsepower at 4,750 rpm and 585 ft-lb of torque at 4,000 rpm for RV applications, the new high-horsepower, high-speed 8.8-liter engine provides solid Class A power that far exceeds the 362 horsepower currently delivered by gasoline engines.

Winemaster said that PSI designed the fully integrated, drop-in RV solution from the ground up to deliver uncompromised performance optimized for gasoline.

“Our new engines restore the power range that gas engines have been missing, both on the high-horsepower end and the low-speed, high-torque end,” Winemaster said. “Larger gas RVs have been attractively priced, but many consumers find that they don’t provide enough torque for pickup.  That can be a real problem at the higher elevations in which RV enthusiasts often travel.  Low power can also limit towing and packing capacity, as users reach maximum weight limits.”

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