President Trump Proclaims Great Outdoors Month

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President Donald J. Trump has proclaimed June as Great Outdoors Month – marking the 16th time a president has made such a proclamation.

Here is Trump’s letter regarding the announcement:

“During Great Outdoors Month, we celebrate the unmatched magnificence of our Nation’s
mountains, waters, canyons, and coastlines. Spending time in the great outdoors, especially during summer, is an American tradition. Every American should take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our natural wonders, which stretch from coast to coast and beyond.

“As Americans, we are blessed with many stunning lands and waters that surround each of our communities. Our numerous forests, wildlife refuges, and local parks offer endless opportunities for recreation, adventure, and renewal. Early morning fishing trips and the thrill of summiting mountain peaks with friends create lasting memories. The splendid beauty of a sunset can inspire, while the solitude of a weekend camping trip often brings long-sought tranquility.

“As summer approaches, I encourage all Americans to step outside and appreciate America’s
natural beauty and to practice good stewardship of our environment. By enjoying our great outdoors, we enhance our collective efforts to preserve our natural lands and waters, protecting them for future generations.”

– President Donald J. Trump


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