Price of Used RVs Drops

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Although warmer weather has finally arrived, the overall used RV market unexpectedly softened a little in March, according to the Black Book’s RV Market Recap.

Auction prices for towable units dropped 4.1 percent and motorhome prices sank 2.5 percent from February to March.

March has outperformed February during four of the past five years for motorhomes, and five consecutive years in the towable category. 

The number of used units available at auction is up from last month (10 percent for motorized and 40 percent for towables) which may be contributing to the lower sales prices, according to the report.

Taking a closer look at the market, the average price of a used motorhome sold at auction this past month fell to $35,839, down $893, from last month’s $36,732.  Towables dipped $454 to finish the month at $10,558, down from last month’s $11,012.  

A year ago the average motorhome sold for $37,239 at auction, while the average towable came in at $10,646. 

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