Priority RV Network Gears Up for Annual Meeting

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Priority RV Network

The Priority RV Network is gearing up for its 18th Annual Meeting this month, hosting vendor exhibits, member meetings and maintain its ties with its Canadian partner.

The U.S. group, which consists of 64 dealers, representing 110 locations, and 33 supplier partners across the U.S., will meet at the M Resort Spa and Casino in Henderson, Nev., on March 28 to 30.

“We’ll have a day-and-half of meetings; we have our vendor partners presenting, and we had a record-breaking year last year, so it’s going to be a great show,” Priority RV Network Executive Director Corey Ruzicka said.

Priority RV Network is a cooperative of dealerships that provide value-driven programs to an exclusive nationwide dealer network, including allowing customers to get urgent repair from other network members while on the road.

“Let’s say you live in Denver, and buy an RV at Four Seasons in Wheat Ridge, but have a major breakdown in Texas – such as such as your air conditioner breaks down, or your slide-in won’t slide out – you can call back to Four Seasons and they’ll get you into the closest dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

In 2011, Priority expanded the footprint of dealerships where its customers can receive repairs to include Canada through a partnership with RV Care Canada, a company offering similar services to Canadian dealers.

Since then, Priority RV and RV Care have worked together to provide service to customers traveling north or south of the border. Combined, the two networks include 170 dealers in North America, which Ruzicka said makes it the largest such group in the continent for the cooperatives’ customers.

At the Priority RV Network’s annual meeting, members will learn more about the Network’s Canadian partner through a presentation by Earl Manning, the company’s vice president.

“We have a lot of people that go up to Canada, and they have a lot of people come down here in the winter, so it just makes sense,” Ruzicka said.

In addition to the presentation by RV Care of Canada, Ruzicka said supplier partners will give an overview of services, and the group will hold an election of three of its seven board members.

Following their two-year terms, Michael Peay (Holiday World of Houston Dealer Group), Michael Regan (Crestview RV in Georgetown and Buda, Texas) and Steve Plemmons (Bill Plemmons RV World in Raleigh and Rural Hall) are up for re-election. Board members will vote at the gathering to either re-elect or opt for new board members.

Ruzicka expects attendance to be up at the meeting, based on hotel and registration numbers.

The Network splits its territories up by the Nielsen TV regions, assuring little or no overlap, and Ruzicka said the territories are near full after adding between 35 and 40 dealers in the past five years.

“We don’t have that many markets left, so last year we only added four or five dealers,” Ruzicka said. “We’ve been so successful the last three or four years that we’re going to keep that going, just keep doing what we’re doing and stay successful.”


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