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Andy Heck

The Recreational Dealer Cooperative Association/Priority RV Network announced it has elected Andy Heck for a two-year term on its seven-member Board of Directors at its 18th Annual Meeting held on March 28-30 in Henderson, Nev.

Heck, president and CEO, oversees three Alpin Haus RV dealerships in New York.  He is a past RVDA chairman of the Board and has been the recipient of numerous dealership awards for dealer excellence.

Heck replaces long-time board member Steve Plemmons, president and CEO of Bill Plemmons RV in North Carolina.  In addition to Heck, board members Michael Peay, president of Holiday World Group of dealerships in Texas and New Mexico; and Mike Regan, president of Crestview RV Texas; were re-elected for two-year board terms.

“We welcome Andy Heck to our board. With his dealership success and his leadership in RVDA over the many years, he will bring a wealth of knowledge to our board,” said Mike Regan, president of Priority RV Network, the world’s largest RV dealer cooperative.

“At the same time, we thank Steve Plemmons for his many years serving on the Board.  He has been instrumental in our organization’s success. Last year, 2015, was the most successful year in our 18-year history. We appreciate Steve’s service on our Board.”

After the March 30 election, the Board maintained the same officers in 2016.  Michael Peay will serve as chairman. Mike Regan will remain president and work with Corey Ruzicka, Priority RV Network’s executive director, on a daily basis. Greg Lala, CEO/president of Dixie RV Superstores, will remain as the group’s vice-president. 

Long-time board member, Mark Bretz, CEO/president of Bretz RV & Marine, will remain as treasurer. Brian Wilkins, RVDA chairman and CEO/president of Wilkins RV, will remain as secretary. Steve Richardson, CalRVDA president and president of Richardson’s RV Centers, will continue to serve on the board as a director.

The network now consists of 74 dealer shareholders with 110 locations nationwide.  With its large size, the Network obtains products such as retail financing, parts and accessories, F&I products, and more than 33 products in bulk purchases. 

Priority RV Network dealers estimate selling more than 60,000 new and used RVs, and generating more than $2 billion dollars in sales in 2015.  All dealers are equal partners and have access to the financials showing where each penny is being spent.  The dealers run the Network.

The Priority RV Network provides innovative, convenient, value driven programs to an exclusive nationwide dealer network creating a competitive advantage for its members while providing value to their customers.



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