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PullRite Releases New Fifth Wheel Hitch

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PullRite Towing Solutions has released its new Super 5th Single Point 24k fifth wheel hitch (part No. 3900).

The 3900 is a new light weight alternative to both aluminum adapters and heavier steel hitches that attach to a gooseneck ball. With a lifting weight of only 75 pounds, the 3900 has been thoroughly tested to SAE J2638 standards and achieved a GVWR rating of 24k.

The 3900 mounts to any aftermarket or OE Style two-and-five-sixteenth-inch gooseneck ball, including PullRite’s patented No. 4436 cam action OE ball. The design allows the trailers king pin to be positioned near the axle allowing for a tighter turning radius regardless of the truck bed length.

The included Bed Saver Rails lined with protective coating eliminates aluminum to steel corrosion, according to the company, protects from scratches, crushed bed channels, and resists hitch rotation on the gooseneck ball. PullRite employs the patented PullRite Hitch Plate with dual?articulating, self?latching and an automatic locking king pin latch.

The 3900 Super 5th, along with the SuperLite’s, allow owners to transfer from King Pin towing to gooseneck towing without changing out any equipment or even getting in the bed of the truck.

PullRite began shipping the hitch’s in June to its distributor partners. The hitch should be available to dealers in the next couple of weeks.

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