Rand McNally Debuts Dashboard Tablet for RVer

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RV Tablet 80

Rand McNally’s new RV Tablet 80 brings together the capabilities of multiple devices for RVers all in one.

Designed and built for RV travel, the dashboard tablet brings together Rand McNally’s RV GPS navigation and trip planning with entertainment and information – plus a built-in dash cam.

The device comes preloaded with a suite of unique travel apps from Rand McNally, and Wi-Fi connectivity, which provides access to the Android marketplace to check email, download entertainment, and catch up on social media when stopping along the way.

“Our goal was to provide RVers with a new device that will greatly enhance their road trips. So we combined our popular RV GPS with the functionality of an Android tablet and included tools and content just for RVers,” said Rand McNally CEO Stephen Fletcher. “The result is a device that gives RVers navigation specific to their RV type, trip-planning help with thousands of RV-friendly parks, campsites, and points of interest – all while helping keep them connected on the road and off.”

The RV Tablet 80 features an 8-inch screen to maximize viewing of detailed maps and navigation. Designed for use on and off the dashboard, the device has a handy magnetic mount that powers the tablet when connected and allows for easy removal. Off the mount, RVers can take a closer look at detailed trip content, send emails, watch movies, and interact with apps and games.

Inside the powered mount is an antenna that boosts the GPS signal reception for greater location accuracy, as well as a video-in port for back-up and rear-view cameras. The RV Tablet 80 also includes a forward-facing dash cam on the device for monitoring the road ahead.

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