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Randy Sobel to Sign Books at Trade Show

Sobel University

Randy Sobel will hold a book signing following the Sobel Dealer Bootcamp on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville.

Principle Centered Selling, by international RV sales and management trainer Randy Sobel, is tailored for sales professionals.

RV clients, Sobel makes the case, demand professionals who can teach them more about the product than they could learn from the Internet. Sobel’s Principle Centered Selling addresses these issues, and introduces current and relevant sales practices.

The book is said to teach how to help people buy though a moral, value-based approach with a compass always pointing towards the highest level of customer service that helps more people go camping.

Sobel will speak for four hours at two seminars during the Trade Show, introducing the concepts in this book.

RVIA attendees can reserve a copy of the book for only $25, instead of the bookstand price of $34.95, which can be picked up at booth #C55.

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