RVS-125 Sensestat Wireless Obstacle Detection Sensor

Rear View Safety Announces Product of the Month

Rear View Safety has announced that its December product of the month is the RVS-125 Sensestat Wireless Obstacle Detection Sensor. The system warns drivers of potential obstacles behind their vehicle with a detection range of up to 8 feet away.

“The heavy-duty waterproof ECU combined with the innovative reliable wireless technology makes the RVS-125 ideal for a fifth wheel,” said Tyler Waugh, content strategist manager. “The Sensestat also features both audio and visual warnings, adding to the overall safety.” 

With built-in stopline adjustment, users can adjust the stopping distance (zero point) away from the actual bumper by whatever distance they need. A large LED Monitor simultaneously monitors four zones, indicates actual distance to the closest object and provides three adjustable audible alarm levels.

The RVS-125 comes in two different mounting configurations: standard and the SE mount. The SE mount offers a housing for the system’s four sensors. These heavy-duty, shock-absorbent housings adapt to a wide variety of vehicles requiring a vertical or horizontal installation.

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