Rear View Safety Begins Webinar Series

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Rear View Safety, a supplier and distributor of backup camera systems, has begun a webinar series to educate the public on safety innovations and current happenings of the company.  

The inaugural webinar, recorded on Dec. 7, featured a discussion on state-of-the-art vehicle safety solutions lead by Director of Marketing James Grossbaum.

Click here to view the webinar. 

Two new items examined during the webinar were the RVS-FDH120 Full HD Backup Camera System and the RVS-7700 Backup Camera System with GPS Navigation (3 Channel).

The future of safety technology, the RVS-FDH120 is a heavy duty full HD system that includes ultra-wide 120-degree viewing angle and eight infrared lights for perfect night vision.

The RVS-7700 Backup Camera System with GPS Navigation (3 Channel) features GPS navigation with Sygic Navigation maps and a three-input power harness, meaning a total of three cameras can be connected to the system simultaneously.

To find out more information, or to learn more about upcoming webinars, visit the organization’s official website at or call 800-764-1028.  

Rear View Safety joined the Safe Fleet Family in mid-2016. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company specializes in working with OEM to produce camera safety solutions for their manufactured vehicles. 

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