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Rear View Safety Debuts New DVR Monitor

Rear View Safety recently released the RVS-3710-DVR 7-inch Digital Quad View Color Monitor with Built-in DVR. In addition to recording all cameras connected, this monitor also assists with turning and backing up.

This advanced monitor includes a GPS antenna used to log the vehicle’s position and speed, as well as a touch screen for navigating the menu and changing options. Four triggers wires allow the operator to automatically view specific cameras based on user actions, such as viewing the backup camera when the vehicle is put into reverse.

The RVS-3710-DVR supports 720p analog HD cameras, giving the operator more choices when choosing cameras for the monitor. A power harness connects the monitor to any five pin cameras.

The monitor also has a USB 2.0 interface. This is used to backup footage, and for system upgrades. An adjustable G-sensor safeguards important footage with override protection.

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