Rebuilding NCRVDA Taps New President

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After his first term in the role, Carroll Lineberger Jr., of Terrell Camping Center, is preparing to pass the presidency of the North Carolina RV Dealers Association onto his successor.

Following a three-year term, Lineberger will cede the position to Rex Creech (Rex & Son’s RV), the association’s current vice president, on April 1.

Lineberger expects the transition to be smoother than the one he faced three years ago. The North Carolina association has spent the past few years mobilizing, after the association took a hard hit from the Recession.

Lineberger took over the role as president following the abrupt exit of his predecessor, who exited the RV industry to focus on automotive sales.

“It’s been a calling-by-fire. It’s something Rex (Creech) and I have really worked on the past two years, so that he’s already in the loop,” Lineberger said. “Once I’m out and he’s in, he’s not going to miss a beat.”

In the past two years, Lineberger said the association has worked to add new members to its ranks and make progress on establishing a franchise law in the state.

“Right now North Carolina doesn’t have any (franchise laws) that protect the RV dealer, or the manufacturer, for that matter and we’re trying to come up with something that is fair to both parties,” he said. 

To assist in the effort, the NCRVDA joined the state’s massive automotive dealer association, which has helped to provide legal and management guidance to the group’s members.

“We’re getting a lot of guidance from their lawyers,” he said. “This is our first year being a member there, but we’re tiptoeing through the forest, so to speak, but we’re getting some good common ground so we can work off that.”

The association hosted three RV shows throughout January and February this year, reporting overall uptick in numbers, despite lower-than-expected totals at its Charlotte, N.C., show Jan. 22-24.

“The main reason was the weather,” Lineberger said. “We had three inches of ice and sleet, but our after-show has been phenomenal. We’ve had a record February.”



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