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Record Decline for Car Segment

This week’s Black Book Market Insights report shows cars overall dropping in value by a record of minus 0.78 percent. Mid-sized cars saw the highest depreciation with a minus 1.18 percent decrease in value. Conversely, small pickups in the truck segment performed the best out of all vehicle categories, maintaining their value from last week.

As for towables, the average selling price was $13,325, up $740 (5.8 percent) from the previous month, and auction volume was down 9 percent from the previous month as well. One year ago, the average selling price of towables was $11,181.

Motorhomes showed an average selling price of $46,718, down $2,493 (5 percent) from previous month, while auction volume was up 12 percent from the previous month. One year ago, the average selling price was $35,015.

“Last month we noted that the values for towable and motorized units had moved in different directions for the first time in several months. They did it again this month, although in the opposite direction,” said Eric Lawrence, director of specialty markets. “Values typically fall as we head into the heart of the winter, with many dealers in the colder states sitting on the sidelines and waiting a few more months before stocking up for the spring selling season.”

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