REDARC Introduces 50-Amp Battery Charger

Australian manufacturer REDARC Electronics recently introduced the 12-volt, dual input, 50-amp, DC-to-DC charger (BCDC1250D) to the North American market.

The REDARC BCDC1250D in-vehicle battery charger supplies the correct charge to the auxiliary battery whilst preventing a flat start battery. Having the secondary battery correctly and fully charged will allow users to power all their gadgets while on the move.

REDARC’s BCDC can power 12-volt electrical accessories in a trailer, motorhome or caravan, such as electrical hydraulic pumps, fridges, lights, tailgates, phones, laptops and camera chargers.

The BCDC1250D battery charger has been developed to provide a higher current output and features an additional charging stage known as SoftStart which has been engineered so that it can handle more demanding applications, according to the company.

Like the 25- and 40-amp variants in the BCDC dual range, the BCDC1250D has separate vehicle DC and solar inputs. The unit will charge from solar panels and the vehicle’s start battery simultaneously and, with built-in “green power priority,” it will select solar charging first, taking the load off the vehicle alternator. 

The BCDC1250D provides specific charging profiles for all common battery types including AGM, standard lead acid, calcium and lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries. It is compatible with fixed, temperature compensating and variable voltage alternators and works with 12- and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems.

The BCDC1250D will be available through REDARC’s key distribution channels in September. It will also be on display at the upcoming NATDA Trade Show & Convention held in St. Louis, Mo., from Sept. 5-7. 

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