Regulatory Group Gives Aqua-Hot Heaters OK

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Aqua-Hot is showcasing its latest lineup of heating systems at this year’s RV Industry Association Show in Louisville, Ky.

The units, which can operate on natural gas, diesel or propane, recently obtained approval from the California Air Resources Board, the country’s only state-owned air and emissions regulatory board.

The move for CARB approval makes sense because emissions and clean-air regulations at the federal level often mirror those of the California group, according to Aqua-Hot President Paul Harter.

“The Federal EPA tends to refer to CARB for standards for vehicles, so we went to CARB and got approved,” Harter said. “We had originally taken the work-ready out because its for the over-the-road transportation market, where CARB is a big issue, and while we were there, we passed with flying colors, so we said ‘We should be able to get the rest approved.’ And we did.”

The company is showcasing its 600 Series, along with its class B and class C heating systems.

The Aqua-Hot 600 Series is the first and only CARB-accepted heating system for diesel-fueled motorhomes, the company said in a news release.

The updated 600 Series includes the 600D and 675D models. Both are simplified for on-the-line productivity, owner experience and fast servicing. Designed with fewer components, installation is fast, inventory costs are lower and field serviceability is improved.

The system’s ignition requires no electrode gap setting, an effort to lower service and repair costs. It also provides easy access to fans, pumps, nozzle and fuel lines.

The installation process now eliminates domestic water connection compression fittings with added quick-connect electrical assembly.

A constant combustion pressure combined with external pump and counter directional brushless fans virtually removes soot, smoke and odor, during low-voltage operating conditions.

The 600 Series supplies extended component life. A burner controller runs fans and pumps at separate voltage ranges. Operating range is 10.6 to 1.6 volts, which the company says helps protect against power irregularities.

Featuring owner-friendly diagnostics, an in-cabin operation switch contains new blink codes for system service. A nozzle pre-heater is standard, automatically pre-heating fuel starting at 30-degrees below zero and igniting the burner at 40-below.

For more information, visit Aqua-Hot during the National Trade Show, ending Dec. 3, at Booth No. 104, or visit

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