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Relentless Dealer Services Partners with PPL Motorhomes

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Relentless Dealer Services is partnering with PPL Motorhomes, the nation’s leading consignment RV dealer group. A Texas based company, PPL has served RVers since 1972. It currently has locations in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio markets.

Relentless Dealer Services is a leader in F&I for the RV industry. RDS is the exclusive provider of the Adventure RV Club. The company said its approach to F&I includes cutting edge analytics, expert training, and best-in-class F&I products.

“The RDS team is passionate about working with dealers to transform the norms of F&I to the next level,” the company said. “(Our) products, training, and support protect dealerships, provide exceptional customer experience, and relentlessly drive performance to unrealized levels.”

Added Juan Tejeda, CEO of PPL, “Our goal at PPL is to be the best resource available for our customers in every segment of our dealership operations. This partnership with RDS has been great for our finance segment because they’ve helped us expand our lender portfolio, partner with industry best products and services, while providing additional finance training for our staff. Their support has been fantastic and the future looks very bright.”

Said Jamison Carrier, president of Relentless, “PPL’s success with RV consignments is legendary in our industry. Dealerships across the country have attempted to copy their model for decades. We’re incredibly grateful to join forces with PPL. Their ‘customer first’ approach makes them an ideal partner for RDS.”

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