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Renogy Launches Remote Monitoring System


Ontario, California-based Renogy, which makes renewable solar energy products, has announced the release of Renogy One, which it said is the first all-in-one energy monitoring and smart living center. The company said that through its easy-to-use interface, Renogy One enables users to monitor and control battery power levels, as well as charge controllers, inverters and other connected devices, at a glance. Renogy One is also designed to integrate with Internet of Things – IoT – products, allowing users to create “smart scenes” that the company said will streamline daily routines to build a smart and connected home.

Renogy One claims it is the first comprehensive touchscreen gateway on the market that can monitor and manage energy systems while also enabling users to configure smart life scenarios via IoT.

“The cost of living has risen at a dramatic rate over the past year in particular,” says Yi Li, CEO at Renogy. “Because of this people are looking for ways to not only reduce the cost of energy through incorporating solar power infrastructure but also have greater control over where that power goes and when to ensure stability. Renogy One enables users to not only understand the scope of their energy use through one simple interface but to control and optimize their use as well – choosing where power is distributed and at what time. Ultimately this should result in Renogy One users having more stability in their power supply when it’s needed at a much lower cost than through traditional energy suppliers.”

For more information or to order Renogy One click here.

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