Report: Forest River Employee Recounts CO Leak

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On Monday, 142 employees entered Plant 6 at the Forest River RV facility in Middlebury and within 20 to 25 minutes, a few employees started to feel symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a report from

“Our group leader came over and he told us we’re going to open the garage door and I said, well it’s freezing outside. Why would we do that?” William Perry, an employee at the plant said. “He says we have a furnace exhaust broken and there’s carbon monoxide in the building. Then about 10 to 15 minutes later, here comes our assistant plant manager running through telling everybody to get out. Grab your stuff and get out now, so we all ran out to the front.”

Perry says mostly everyone was OK, but he realized he may have been suffering from some minor symptoms too.

“I didn’t think I had been affected but when they told us what was going on, I realized I did have a little bit of a headache and I wasn’t feeling the best. I just thought I was getting sick or something but I’d imagine since we all felt that way, it was probably from the carbon monoxide.”

Forest River has not released any information on the incident or made any comments but Perry says he was happy with how the business managed the situation.

He says on Tuesday, managers went around asking how everyone was feeling and if anyone had gone to the hospital because of Monday’s incident.

Indiana OSHA says they have opened up their own investigation and will release their details when complete.


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