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Report Shows UK Parks, Campsites Produce $15B in Visitor Spending

UKCCA UK report on campsites

A new 2024 “Pitching the Value” report has been released by the UK Caravan and Camping Alliance (UKCCA) highlighting the economic value and well-being impact of the UK holiday parks and campsites sector and its important contribution to UK domestic tourism.

Headline statistics from the ‘Pitching the Value’ economic benefit report 2024 record that the sector:

  • Generates £12.2 billion (US $15.1 billion) in visitor expenditure equating to £7.2 billion ($9 billion) Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy.
  • Supports 226,745 full time jobs across the UK.
  • Attracts a touring visitor and holiday caravan owner average spend of just over £100 per day (on-site and off-site).
  • Welcomes visitors to UK holiday parks and campsites who stay 82% longer and spend 12% more than the national tourism average.

Despite the challenges businesses have faced in the past few years such as Brexit, the Covid pandemic and more recently the cost-of-living crisis, the latest UKCCA report demonstrates the holiday park and campsite sector is resilient and continues to make a significant contribution to the UK economy, the association said.

In addition to the economic impact of the holiday parks and campsite sector the report highlights the value the visitors and consumers themselves receive from this type of UK holiday. A survey of visitors completed by more than 5,200 people, recorded that UK holiday parks and campsites continue to be viewed as good value for money with a wide range of affordable accommodation options for all types of family groups.

The research also highlights the wider health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in the great outdoors on campsites and holiday parks, through getting closer to nature and being active outdoors through a variety of pastimes.

The importance of the work undertaken by the sector on sustainability is also acknowledged including carbon reduction plans, energy and water conservation, and measures that support and enhance biodiversity, UKCCA said.

The UKCCA’s spokesperson Bob Hill said: “It’s vitally important to see how much the holiday park and campsite industry contributes to the UK economy. Despite the challenges of the past few years, and those still to be faced in the future, the sector is vibrant and optimistic. It continues to invest in its sites, services, accommodation types and local communities, which demonstrates a commitment and strong confidence in the sector.

“Holiday parks and campsites also have strong ties to the local communities in which they are based, whether that’s through employment, supporting local marketing or fundraising initiatives or even, in some cases, because they have been run as multi-generational businesses for many years. That connection to local people is really important to our campsite and holiday park operators.

“This report evidences the value of the sector to enable it to attract investment and provide opportunities to grow, innovate and create new jobs, which in turn will enhance the overall experience for holidaymakers,” Hill said.

Visit www.ukcca.org.uk for further information or to download a copy of the ‘Pitching the Value’ 2024 report.

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