REV Recreation Acquires Class C Facility

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Following up on a recent announcement for major renovation plans to the existing Decatur-based customer service facility, REV Recreation Group finalized the acquisition of an existing 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility, according to a news release Wednesday (Dec. 16).

The facility will house a designated Class C manufacturing plant for REV Group’s Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler brands.

“We are excited about the expansion of our manufacturing facilities,” REV Recreation Group President Jim Jacobs said. “This additional facility will house a team that is solely-focused on our Class C design and production. We’re excited about the impact this will have on our ability to deliver an overall high quality and ultra-competitive product offering to our dealer network and the marketplace.”

REV Recreation Group temporarily halted production on Class C motorhomes in mid-2015 to focus product design efforts on the introduction of an entirely new line of high-quality and industry-leading Class C motorhomes. The launch of these new product lines will coincide with the opening of the new facility in March 2016 when production begins.

“The new facility will allow us to really leverage our design and manufacturing talents, equipment and capacities to deliver Class C products that will definitely position us to stand out from the competition,” Fleetwood Vice President of Sales Lenny Razo said. 

Class C production will begin with Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler branded products, built on the E-Series Ford platform. Following quickly, thereafter, is the planned introduction of a Mercedes platform-based product.

The redesigned and enhanced Class C lines are set to include several features that have never been offered in the Class C market.

“Our products will challenge and compete on a new, higher level,” Jacobs said.

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