Rising Fuel Costs Won't Slow Michigan RVers Down

Michigan's rising fuel prices are averaging almost 2.8 percent more than the national average, but that doesn't stop RVers in the state from traveling this spring and summer.

Even when fuel prices climb, RV trips remain one of the less costly vacations a family can take. Typical RV family vacations are nearly 27-to 71-percent less expensive less than other types of vacations, according to the 2008 study by PKF Consulting, a travel and tourism research firm.

"Of course, everything is affected by increasing fuel costs, but people who RV are passionate about it and realize that RVing is still one of the most inexpensive vacations a family can take," said Bill Sheffer, director of the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles & Campgrounds. "They'll adapt to fuel costs by camping closer to home and extending stays at campgrounds in order to make an RV vacation even more affordable."

The PKF study also showed that fuel prices would have to double for RVing to be more expensive than other forms of travel, and fuel costs would have to more than triple for trips in lightweight travel trailers or folding camping trailers to be more expensive than the least expensive non-RV vacation.

The latest Campfire Canvass, a bi-annual survey of RV owners by the RV Industry Association, reveals that RV-owning families plan to take shorter but more frequent trips in their RVs. Reducing the distance they drive and spending more time in one place are the top ways RV owners will adapt to the prices at the pump.     

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