Roadmaster Universal Tow Bar Adapter Removes Frustration


As Roadmaster notes, a baseplate and its tow bar are typically designed by the same manufacturer, making it inconvenient to mix-and-match brands to a vehicle towed behind a motorhome. As a result, each tow bar manufacturer offers multiple adapters to allow fitment of their tow bars to a competitor’s baseplate.

Frustration can come with trying to determine the correct adapter, but Roadmaster said not any more since the introduction of its Universal Tow Bar Adapter. A Blue Ox, Demco or Curt tow bar simply pins onto late model Roadmaster base plates. The patent-pending adapter simply inserts into the Roadmaster baseplate and auto-locks in place when rotated 90 degrees. It takes less than 10 seconds to connect, and requires no tools or hardware, the company said.

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