Roadtrek Sells First Zion

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Roadtrek, a Class B manufacturer in North America, showcased for the first time at the Toronto RV Show & Sale.

Roadtrek was established in August 2019, when Group Rapido, one of the largest RV groups in Europe, acquired the Roadtrek brand. Since the acquisition, the team at Roadtrek has been busy getting the business up and running, setting up a dealer network and producing Class B motorhomes.

The Toronto Show & Sale ran Jan. 16 to 19 and was the first time the company showcased its product to the retail market in North America. Partnering with Owasco RV, a long-time Roadtrek dealer, the company had one unit on display.

Roadtrek welcomed Lesley Pettigrew to the family, as she became the first owner under the new Roadtrek, signing a deal with Owasco RV for a Roadtrek Zion.

“Roadtrek has such a rich history in the market, we know how important the brand is to so many and that is why we have taken our time to do things right,” said Dane Found, CEO of Roadtrek. “We are very proud to be able to show the Roadtrek community how hard we have worked over the last five months and how we have made quality our No. 1 priority in the company.”

“Dealers, owners and those looking to become owners, have been waiting for Roadtrek to come back, and we are just as excited as they are to re-launch this iconic brand back into the RV market,” said Karyn Torcoletti, head of marketing and communications for Roadtrek.

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