Rosco Engineers Bring New Feature to the Eye-Max Mirror

Rosco, a maker of vision safety solutions for RVs and commercial vehicles, has integrated four undermount LEDs to the popular Eye-Max crossview mirror to illuminate the area in front of large vehicles for drivers at night to improve views in low light conditions.

Rosco has integrated two existing products, the Eye-Max mirror and Bright-Vision lighting, to create the Eye-Max LED down-lit crossview mirror. Bright-Vision is an LED lighting system developed by Rosco in 2007 to enhance views in mirrors and cameras during low-light vehicle operations. In such conditions, reflections in any mirror are difficult to see; an object or pedestrian in front of the vehicle may be almost impossible to see.

The Eye-Max LED was engineered to improve visibility for drivers at night. The new mirror system utilizes  four under-mounted LED lights to illuminate objects and pedestrians immediately in front of the vehicle, making them visible to the driver. Like the standard Eye-Max LP mirror, the LED mirror is compliant with the New York State safety law calling for crossview mirrors. The law currently states that all trucks registered in the state of New York with a maximum gross weight of 26,000 pounds or more are to be equipped with a crossview mirror when driving in New York cities with at least one million residents.

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