ROUTE 66 RV Network and RV Care Network Strike Alliance

ROUTE 66 RV Network and RV Care Network have announced an alliance intended to help both organizations better serve the RV industry throughout the United States and Canada.

The alliance will allow the organizations’ combined 200-plus dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada to better serve traveling consumers throughout North America.

After both networks saw a need to better accommodate the RV community throughout their travels, discussions arose on how combining their consumer benefits into a joint offering could better serve North American RVers. With this alliance, the two entities, ROUTE 66 RV Network and RV Care Network, will remain separate entities.

“It goes without saying that we are very excited with the new ROUTE 66 / RV Care Alliance Partnership,” said Derek Paterson, CEO of RV Care Network. “Our dealers and all their customers will ultimately be the benefactors of this alliance.”

In the coming weeks, dealerships throughout the U.S. that are members of the ROUTE 66 RV Network and dealerships throughout Canada under the RV Care Network are anticipating offering combined consumer benefits to their customers. The initial scope of benefits will include: ROUTE 66 RV Care Club, ROUTE 66 RV Care Tech 24 and ROUTE 66 RV Care Roadside/Tech24.

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