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Route 66 Teams With Keller Marine

Route 66 RV Network has made Keller Marine & RV a primary RV Parts Distribution partner to the group.

“This group is made up of top-quality dealers across the U.S.A. and Canada. We are excited to have the opportunity to serve the US dealers” said Mike Keller, president of Keller Marine & RV. “As a privately held distribution firm, we look forward to working closer with the dealers in the group as a parts provider. We all share a common goal of bringing a strong value proposition to the Route 66 dealers and their customers. The internet has really changed the game and the partnership will aid in assisting this group to compete in this evolving marketplace.”

Keller Marine & RV has a long-standing relationship with key suppliers in the industry. Those relationships, and its industry leading technology, will allow Keller Marine & RV to become a strong partner to the Route 66 RV Network and reach the dealers with programs that will enhance the RV lifestyle.

The recent addition of Lightning RV to the Keller Marine & RV family will help the distributor to serve dealers in the Southeast out of its recently opened Tampa facility.

“This also brings the opportunity to introduce the Lightning Visual Parts System to the Route 66 dealers. Keller is fast becoming an industry leader by combining KWeb with VPS (Visual Parts System) which brings together the best back room organizing system in the industry and state of the art parts lookup” said Joe Ely, Keller Marine & RV Southeastern sales coordinator.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be adding Keller and Lightning to our parts distribution team” said Dave

Francis, partner at Route 66. “Few distributors in the country have the combination of experience, technology and integrity that Keller can bring to a partnership. Add the additional capabilities that Lightning brings to the table and I’m confident our dealers will be well served whether they are selling parts in their stores or online.”

“Keller is prepared to support and serve the Route 66 RV Network dealers with attention to detail and the level of customer service that is second to none. Since 1958, we have been helping dealers give exceptional service to their retail consumers. This partnership helps expand Keller’s market, but doesn’t change our commitment to service and two-step distribution. We believe the dealer is our future. The dealer’s success is firmly tied to our success and we prefer it that way,” said Michael Keller, Keller Marine & RV sales manager.

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