RoverPass Improves Its RV Park Booking System

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RoverPass, a full-service booking platform, recently announced several product upgrades that improve the booking process, while remaining free to RV park owners.

RoverPass recently upgraded its reservation system, keeping it free for campgrounds while offering a more user-friendly experience for both RVers and park owners.

“The reason RoverPass competes so successfully in this space is because we offer basic booking functions and excellent customer service, but we don’t charge parks anything,” said Ravi Parikh, CEO of RoverPass. “Other reservation systems are extremely price prohibitive, keeping parks out.”

Campground owners can now refund customers online with a new refund button on their owner dashboard. Parks can also display custom alerts to inform RVers of important changes on their campgrounds, opening the lines of communication between travelers and their hosts.

“Our product has been built from the ground up with a new perspective on reservations: Provide the essentials to accept online reservations and leverage everything we can for online marketing efforts,” said Parikh. “The new custom alerts are a good example of this. The owner can quickly post messages to promote special upcoming events to people using the online checkout.”

The engineering team also updated the app’s pricing configuration.


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