RV Dealer Gets Seven Years in Prison

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Deanna Voss spoke in a choked voice Friday to a Rock County, Wis., courtroom filled with Troy Tofte’s victims.

This story by Jake Magee originally appeared in the Gazette Extra.

She explained how being defrauded by the former RV salesman of Evansville had devastated her family monetarily, emotionally, and physically.

Tofte, 48, swindled Voss and her husband out of nearly $28,000, jeopardizing their 55-year marriage. Voss said her husband is now convinced everyone is out to get him because of what Tofte did, and has had suicidal thoughts.

Tofte pleaded guilty in January to 15 counts of defrauding RV customers over two years while running the now-defunct Janesville RV Center. Tofte was accused of selling RVs on consignment and not giving the money to the owners, not paying off loans as part of trade-in agreements and not transferring titles from old owners to new.

Nearly 40 people, most of them victims, filled the courtroom Friday afternoon to witness the sentencing.

Judge James Daley sentenced Tofte to seven years and six months in prison, and eight years of extended supervision on three felony theft counts. Daley imposed a 6-year probation for the remaining 12 counts.

The time will be served consecutively, giving the court more than 21 years of control over Tofte, Daley said.

Tofte’s attorney, Michael Murphy, suggested a year in Rock County Jail and the maximum amount of probation. Tofte has a mostly clean record, is a hard worker and can better work to reimburse his victims if he’s not in prison, Murphy said.

Prosecutor Michelle Viste asked that Tofte face significant prison time. Most of Tofte’s victims are retired folks who can’t easily make back the money taken from them. Some had to liquidate assets to make ends meet, she said.


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