RV Dealership Expands Reach with Dealer Spike

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Rifle, Colo.-based Western Slope Trailer & RV has brought on Dealer Spike to become a mobile-optimized website, utilizing the provider’s search engine marketing (SEM) and inventory feeds.

“Our biggest restriction is where we’re located and the amount of people here,” said Western Slope President Nate Robinson. “We can only reach so far, which is why we have big hopes for SEM getting us beyond our home turf.”

Robinson said he wants to attract customers from metropolitan areas in Colorado, as well as neighboring states like Arizona and New Mexico with the ads he’s running online. Customers can be confident that the trip will be worth it because of the competitive pricing his dealership offers.

“No one is going to look you up in the Yellow Pages,” Robinson said. “It’s a ‘Google me’ world – so that’s where you have to be.”

So far he’s seen impressive results in the first few months with the SEM reports from Dealer Spike.

With an impressive online showroom and a powerful SEM package both in his arsenal, Western Slope Trailer & RV is in good standing as an industry leader.

Tools like SEM spread the message about an outstanding business to areas beyond their backyard, and that give dealers like Western Slope Trailer & RV the chance to be recognized on a much larger scale.

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