RV Economy Data Illustrates Industry Concentration

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RVs Move America

It’s no secret that the RV industry calls Elkhart, Ind. home.

The concentration of the industry in the Hoosier state has helped drive unemployment in Elkhart County to its current 3.5 percent, but also drove that number to 17.9 percent during the last recession.

In attempt to examine the reach of the RV industry, we look at the industry footprint using economic data. The information below was obtained from the RV Industry Association “RVs Move America” study released in June.

For an explanation of the “RVs Move America” study, see the infographic at the bottom of this story. 

The data from the RVIA illustrates an industry that remains heavily dependent on the Hoosier labor force, a factor thought to contribute to the area’s current labor shortage.


Almost half of all RV manufacturers continue to call Indiana home, according to the study.

The dispersion of RV businesses and workers is more even when looking at the industry as a whole, including dealerships and campgrounds in the distribution. 

The map, which shows the distribution of jobs for each state, benefits from the distribution of 3,001 RV dealerships throughout the country.

Although jobs in the RV industry are more geographically diverse than the distribution of manufacturing jobs alone, a large percentage of that distribution remains within the top 5 states.




Based on contribution to the economy – or total output – the top 5 states are Indiana, California, Texas, Florida and Iowa. Together, these states account for 43 percent of the wages paid and 39 percent of jobs generated within the RV industry as well as dependent industries. 

Illustrations by RV PRO. Data obtained from the “RVs Move America” study. 


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