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RV Film Inspired by Nomads

Given the rising cost of living and flat wages, it’s no surprise the number of non-retired, full-time RVers is skyrocketing. “RV Nomads”, a feature length cinematic film, is a powerful story of freedom and self-liberation from society’s current definition of the American Dream. The film blends a scripted narrative of the full time RV movement with unscripted storytelling, depicting the day-to-day perspective of full-time digital RV nomads.

The world premiere of “RV Nomads” takes place Oct. 20 during NomadFEST, a gathering of hundreds of full-time RVers over a weekend of film, music, camping, food, social networking, conferences, and entertainment. The remote town of Wellington, Texas, located 100 miles southeast of Amarillo in rural Texas, serves as the backdrop of the film and host for NomadFEST.

RV Nomads follows the lives of 15 full time digital nomads, capturing the daily thrills, challenges and the community that bonds this movement together.

“This isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a movement,” said filmmaker Eric Odom with EPIC Nomad TV. “RV Nomads illustrates that freedom is attainable, no matter who you are.”

Armed with solar power, WiFi and a nomadic spirit, these full time RVers combine adventure, travel and meaningful work, backed by a supportive community focused on sharing solutions for self sufficiency and tales of exploration. While it is estimated that nearly 1 million retirees call RVs home, “RV Nomads” represents a new breed of full time digital nomads blending work and play as part of the RV lifestyle.

For more information and to meet the cast, visit www.epicnomadtv.com.

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