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RV Health Offers Virtual Clinic to Industry

RV Health is a telehealth program for RVers on the road meant to act as a primary care physician.

Monthly plans start as low as $24 per month for the entire family. This program allows users to access a team of medical professionals through a virtual clinic.

RV Health also can serve as a primary care physician through phone or video consultations. While RV Health is not an insurance plan, it provides network access to health care solutions including prescriptions, vision care, dental, hearing, labs and patient advocacy.

In addition, RV Heath gives users remote access to a specialist and specialist referrals, and can connect them with on-call doctors 24/7 in every state, with no limitation on usage and no additional consultation fees for speaking with a primary care or internal medicine physician.

“I was looking for options being self-employed and also a full-time RVer,” said RV Health subscriber Jonathan Hodges. “What is available for us just wasn’t fully meeting the need, but this gives my family more peace of mind knowing a doctor is just a phone call away regardless of our location.”

RV Health is also available as an employee benefit for employers within the RV industry.

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