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RV Horizons Remains in Minnesota

Since Colorado-based RV Horizons purchased Houlton’s St. Croix Meadows RV Park in Minnesota in the fall of 2015, Town of St. Joseph Town Board has twice voted to deny renewal of the park’s operating license, citing various infractions including failure to pay its bills to the city.

Both votes — the first in June 2017 and the second in June 2018 — were reversed, allowing the company’s continued presence in the community.

In September, then-St. Joseph Town Board Chair Thomas Spaniol confirmed by email to RiverTown Multimedia that to his knowledge, RV Horizons was current on their payments to the town. Spaniol resigned in October and Supervisor Theresa Johnson was selected as the new chair.

In late August, almost two months after the park’s license expired, community resident and former St. Croix Meadows on-site manager Beau Freese said he started to see work done around the community.

The only problem, Freese said, was the majority of the work seemed to be cosmetic.

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