RV Industry Veteran Launches A/C Soft Start Kit For Campers

Doug Curtis

Coral Springs, Fla.-based NetworkRV has launched the SoftStartRV, which the company said is an accessory for RV air conditioners that controls and regulates the voltage intelligently. This enables RVers to start their A/C in low-power situations, campgrounds and while boondocking. Whether campers want to run two air conditioners at once or simply utilize a small generator to the highest capability, the SoftStartRV empowers them to do so to stay cool anywhere, anytime, the company said.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our 4-Year Anniversary with adding our SoftStartRV to our list of products at NetworkRV,” said RV industry veteran Doug Curtis, co-founder. “This revolutionizes A/C comfort capabilities for adventurers, RVers and off-road campers to stay cool as they escape COVID confinement and explore the great outdoors.”

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