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RV Intelligence Releases smartRVcontrols

RV Intelligence recently released smartRVcontrols, an aftermarket DIY remote control module that is connected to a smartphone or tablet. A smartRVcontrols module is configured via the smartphone app to control any one of multiple functions in an RV.

“You can now get the remote-control features of high-end RVs, you can easily install smartRVcontrols yourself, and you can operate multiple features with your smartphone in your RV,” said Herb Gingold, owner of RV Intelligence.

The smartRVcontrols are multi-function remote control modules configured in the smartRVapp to control more than eight different features in an RV, such as lights, jacks, awnings, slides, relays, valves, RGB LEDs and more. Users download the free smartphone smartRVapp, available for iOS and Android, to configure a module for the function needed.

The smartRVcontrols have a 100-foot range, and cell/Wi-Fi service is not needed for operation, and can control multiple smartRVcontrols at the same time.

The smartRVcontrols can be installed three ways:

  • Replacing the existing switch with a smartRVcontrols module is the first installation. The smartRVcontrols module connects directly to the existing wiring and covers the mounting hole.
  • Working with the existing switch by using the smartRVcontrol module’s external switch inputs.
  • A stand-alone switch that allows users to add new smartRVcontrol features to any RV and control them with a smartphone or the smartRVcontrol switch directly.

“RV Intelligence always strives to develop new products that provide RV customers with features found in high-end coaches,” said Gingold. “We are always working on new ideas.”

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