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Each year in the July issue, RV PRO magazine features an expanded set of stories that get at the heart of what really sets the RV industry apart.

The industry is an American institution staffed by people from nearly every walk of life who are a part of companies that exhibit truly American traits.

This year, RV PRO focused on how people working at all levels of the industry started their careers.

For our online eNewsletter, here is a profile of one of the newer entries into the American market, Anthony Kittel of REDARC Electronics based in Australia. To read more of these profiles, check out the digital version of the July magazine at https://bit.ly/2tVKHNT.

Anthony Kittel, Managing Director, REDARC Electronics

REDARC’s history evolved from our OEM trucking relationships when we were supplying power converters to this market in the late 1990s. However, by 2001 there had been a major technology change and new products in the market meant that REDARC’s own product looked like it could become obsolete.

Taking to account this risk, I looked at diversification and started to develop products for the SUV and caravan industry. At the time, this was just beginning to take off in Australia thanks to the start of the retirement age for Baby Boomers.

One of the first things we did as a business was refocus our company around the philosophy of “the customer is king”. We instilled in our employees the idea that the customer is the foundation of the business and everything we do must be aligned with this mission, including the way we service the customer after the sale.

Another crucial initiative was a no-questions-asked warranty policy, which stipulates that if a customer has a problem with one of our products, then REDARC will replace it free of charge. An essential component to meeting that obligation was improving product reliability as well as educating the customer.

A big turning point for me came when I realized the need for constant innovation in business, I decided to set-up a research and development business call REDARC Technologies in 2002.

Another turning point was building REDARC’s own purpose-built manufacturing facility in 2007. Investing significant capital at a time when REDARC’s overall revenue was only $5 million, it was a big step. It was a significant risk, particularly as this was just before the Global Financial Crisis hit, but I had confidence that it would succeed. In 2011, we doubled the size of our facility and in 2018, we will complete another major expansion. The expansion will allow us to continually diversify into international markets like North America, Europe and into the defense market.

I’m most proud achieving all of this by having a team of people who share the same passion and vision for REDARC. We have a talented team and a great culture and that is something that I am very proud of and highly value. The success that we have endured over the years is not just down to the fact that we make great products – it’s the great people that make these products and provide excellent service for our customers around the globe.

If you had to write a recipe for our success, it’s our focus on technology development and innovation. It has been a key ingredient to helping us achieve the tremendous growth and success over the years.

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