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RV Rental Training Course Added Online

RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company, has added an RV Rental Course to their RV online training program.

“With the latest trend in peer-to-peer RV rental programs growing in popularity it only makes sense for us to add an RV rental course to our expanding RV online training program curriculum,” said Mark Polk, founder of the long-standing RV Education 101 instructional video series. “I am sure any RV rental company, RV owner or potential renter reading this release would agree that rental customers should have access to RV training prior to renting an RV for the first time. That is why we produced an online training course specifically for RV renters.”

The RV online rental course can be viewed from any device including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The program includes full-feature video training, written text, short video segments, related articles written by Polk, helpful tips & tricks, RV play & learn crossword puzzles and quizzes to help the viewer retain all of the information.

The RV rental training course is generic, offering training on both motorized and towable RVs.

The course covers topics like campground set-up, driving and towing tips and techniques, how to use the RV, RV accessories, RV safety features and more.

“Educating the RV rental customer on how to properly and safely use the rental unit has never been easier than right now,” said Dawn Polk, co-owner and sales & marketing director. “The power of online video, along with our easy to navigate online training courses are a great resource for disseminating information to any and all RV rental customers.”

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