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RV SnapPad Adds Laurelhurst Distributors

Origen RV Accessories, parent company of RV SnapPad, recently added Laurelhurst to its list of U.S. distributors. 

“We didn’t have a distribution partner in the Pacific Northwest prior to this agreement, which made working with Laurelhurst a must for us,” said Devon Wilson, COO of SnapPad. “We look forward to introducing our permanent jack pads to the dealers in their region.” 

The latest partnership with Laurelhurst marks the fourth major distributor deal that Origen has signed. SnapPads are now carried by more than 120 dealers across 30 states. 

“Laurelhurst Distributors is proud to announce the arrival of SnapPad to the growing list of products we distribute for the RV market in the Northwest,” said Jeremy Chase, CEO of Laurelhurst. “We are always trying to meet the expectations of our dealer network and this product is a must-have.”

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