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RV SnapPad Adds to Product Catalog

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Origen RV Accessories has added the new SnapPad BF Product line, designed to work with Bigfoot Hydraulic leveling systems.

The BF SnapPad product collection includes pads designed to fit on Bigfoot 7-inch square and 10-inch octagon-shaped shaped jacks, most commonly found on Class C Motorhomes. SnapPad BF is Origen’s fifth product line, joining SnapPad XTRA, PRIME, HiWay, and EQ.

Devon Wilson, COO at Origen RV Accessories, said, “Over the past year we’ve had an ever-growing number of potential customers ask for a Bigfoot version. Naturally we’re very happy to oblige.”

Available in four packs of 7-inch (BF 7) and 10-inch (BF 10) pads, SnapPad BF can be purchased from the RV SnapPad and Bigfoot (Quadra) websites.

“Recently our customers have been asking us about SnapPads. We looked into the product and decided it was a no brainer to partner with Origen so that Bigfoot owners could have the benefit of permanent jacks pads,” said Bob Slack, sales engineer for Bigfoot Leveling Systems (Quadra Mfg.).

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