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RV Storage Company Launches Rental Platform

RecNation Storage, an owner, operator and developer of specialized RVs and marine storage facilities, has launched RecNation Rental – a white-glove, peer-to-peer RV rental startup that will allow RecNation customers to rent their vehicles and earn additional income.

In conjunction with the launch, RecNation Rental announced partnerships with leading rental platforms Outdoorsy and RVshare to host and promote RecNation Rental listings, allowing RecNation customers to reach a broad audience of adventure seekers.

“In my own RV travels across the country, I saw firsthand the magnitude of the RV and camping industry. With RecNation Rental, our vision is to introduce a white-glove service to customers that allows them to capitalize on the value of their toys when they’re not using them,” said Gary Wojtaszek, founder and CEO of RecNation. “By leveraging our existing storage business and personnel to manage the rentals, we can provide our customers with a unique and valuable opportunity to earn additional income on an asset they already own – while also expanding the accessibility of RVs and allowing more outdoor enthusiasts and families to take a trip and create new memories. It’s a win-win, and we are excited to bring this service to our locations across the U.S. over the next year and beyond.”

RecNation currently has more than 10,000 customers using its storage facilities, with plans to grow to 140,000 over the next five years. The RecNation Rental platform will be accessible for all customers that store RVs with RecNation and meet the registration requirements.

For owners interested in renting their RVs, the RecNation Rental team will support the owner with everything from taking care of marketing, RV inspections, cleaning and customer inquiries to pre-rental walkthroughs, payment and insurance claim processing to limit the time commitment typically required for peer-to-peer rentals.

“As we’re seeing more Americans searching for new ways to spend time outdoors, work from anywhere or supplement existing income, the RecNation Rental program supports renters and owners alike, while ensuring everyone has more time to dedicate to their passions and pursuits,” said Wojtaszek. “What’s so unique about our platform and strategy is that we are managing the rental process from start to finish on our customers’ behalf in a safe, secure and, most importantly, convenient way for our community. Everything that we do and offer is designed to make it easier for our growing customer base of outdoor enthusiasts to do what they love, and this new platform is a natural evolution for us. We look forward to scaling quickly as we continue to grow the RecNation business and help more individuals and families across the U.S. share in our joy of roadtripping.”

The RecNation Rental program will officially launch in January 2023 at RecNation’s headquarters facility in Dallas, with plans to rapidly scale the program.

To learn more, visit www.recnationstorage.com.

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