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RV Travel Features Service, Repair Comments From Owners

RVTravel.com summarized its reader responses regarding RV service centers and repairs – including those that might be self-inflicted.

Are issues with RVs self-inflicted?

RV Travel said reader Rick S. believes due diligence is imperative when buying an RV and issues are related to not doing so.

“While I sympathize with owners that have had unpleasant ownership experiences, I believe that X% is self-inflicted due to zero due diligence prior to purchase on the product, dealers’ ratings and other owners’ experiences,” he said.

“We have owned three Class A coaches: one from Forest River (Mirada) and two Newmar (Ventana and Dutch Star). A total of over 140,000 miles on these three coaches provided us with trouble-free ownership.

“I attribute our success to 1) In-depth due diligence on the two dealers (Rex and Sons in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Independence RV in Winter Garden, Florida) resulted in outstanding service experiences. 2) Choosing a brand with a reputation of quality and price points that match (or stretches, to a point) your budget. 3) Establishing a relationship with your chosen dealer is imperative. And 4) Maintaining the coach to the exact preventative maintenance requirements from the chassis and coach OEM.

“I have witnessed owners who will pick a dealer or brand based solely on the price or how much of a discount they get, only to be horrified that their chosen dealer has zero services or customer service! They then try and get another dealer to ‘service’ their RV and are again horrified when the dealer doesn’t jump when they demand x, y or z.”

Read the full summary, including the good, bad and ugly, here.

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