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RV Web Services Partners for More Qualified Leads

RV Web Services, Trader Interactive’s online marketing division, has partnered with 700Credit to increase RV sales by supplying dealers with lead information and consumer credit profiles generated from visits to its’ website. 700Credit runs soft pulls on website visitors who request a loan pre-qualification and determines the consumer’s interest rate based on his or her FICO score without affecting his or her credit files. The resulting information increases website leads, enables dealers to prioritize their best prospects, and facilitates accurate monthly payment calculation using the shopper’s actual interest rate.

The partnership integrates RV Web Services-designed websites with 700Credit’s QuickQualify, a pre-qualification solution that creates credit profiles for website visitors using a soft pull process that does not require social security numbers or birth dates. Only name and address are needed, increasing the likelihood that shoppers will complete the form for loan pre-approval. New leads and associated auto credit profiles are immediately emailed to the dealer.

Dealers receive the consumer’s FICO score, available revolving credit, other vehicle inquiries in the last 30 days, and a summary of vehicle trade lines ranging from current monthly payments to current auto loan interest rates, remaining balance/payoff, payment history, and months remaining on auto loans. A full soft inquiry credit report is also included.

“This partnership not only enables consumers to understand whether they can qualify for a loan, potentially turning more shoppers into buyers, but also increases lead capture for RV dealers and allows evaluation of each lead’s creditworthiness before they even walk into the showroom,” said Jim Quinlan, Vice President of Dealer Services at Trader Interactive. “Dealers can use the information to identify their best opportunities, match the shopper with the vehicle he or she can afford early in the sales cycle, and provide accurate monthly payment quotes that can help close the sale.”

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