RVAA Tabs Keynote for 2016 Conference

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Mike Marks

The RV Aftermarket Association announced business expert Mike Marks as the keynote speaker for its 2016 Executive Conference in Chicago.

The Conference takes place Aug. 15-19  at the Loews Hotel in Chicago.

For nearly 30 years, Marks has led a consulting company that specializes in helping companies in distributor/supplier industries maneuver challenges, according to the news release from RVAA.

Specifically, Mike has worked with manufacturers, distributors and dealers in other industries that are experiencing change similar to what is seen in the RV industry, according to the release.

He serves on the faculty at Purdue University (merger & acquisition program) and is a senior research fellow at the National Association of Wholesale Distributors.

Mike will cover two key areas related to the changing dynamics in our industry:

What is going to happen next?

What should members be doing now to take advantage of the opportunities that will follow?

Gaining insight on how to play the game and when to change the rules is an integral part of continued success. In Mike’s words, “Whining is not an exit strategy.”

Registration for the Conference is open. Click here for more information.


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