RVDA of Canada Moving to New Office

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The RVDA of Canada will relocate to a larger office in Richmond, British Columbia, to facilitate future growth and upgrade the work environment, according to Association President Eleonore Hamm.

“Essentially the spot where we’re at now, our lease came up and we needed more space,” Hamm said. “We’ve kind of outgrown where we are now.”

The new office, which will double the space of the current facility, will be about 10 minutes drive south of the current location of 6411 Buswell St. in Richmond at 11331 Copppersmith Way.

In addition to adding a boardroom for meetings, Hamm said the move across Richmond provides the Association room to add another employee in the future if the board chooses.

“We would like to add one more staff person in the future,” Hamm said. “That’s part of our strategic plan, and if we’re enhancing our education program, we would like to look at adding someone, but there’s no space to do that here.”

The tenants who are leasing the new facility are awaiting construction at a new location before vacating the RVDA’s new space.

RVDA of Canada has been in its current location since 2003, and Hamm said the Association likely would be closed March 12 and 13 during the move.

Effective March 12, the new RVDA of Canada mailing address will be 11331 Coppersmith Way No. 135, Richmond, BC V7A 5J9, Canada.


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