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RVDA of Canada Partners with PURIFYD

The RVDA of Canada has formed a new endorsement partnership with PURIFYD, a subscription-like, health protection service that will eliminate the biological pathogen and environmental contaminant buildup that occurs in confined spaces like RVs, the company stated.

The company stated that PURIFYD eliminates viruses, bacteria, toxic molds and spores, allergens, numerous chemical contaminants (including odor causing organic compounds), and insects. A PURIFYD treatment takes 45 minutes, does not require a service bay, and can be done by a detailer or apprentice technician. The company said it is safe for all surfaces, colorfast and hypo-allergenic.

“By offering the PURIFYD service, our members will be able to offer families protections from illness cause by a wide variety of molds, germs, allergens and other contaminants,” said Jean-François Lussier, RVDA of Canada chairman. “This is a very timely program as dealers can offer their customers this service during the winterizing process. This new partnership will help dealers eliminate any potential health risks that may arise from mold and bacterial build up.”

“PURIFYD is affordable, extremely effective, completely safe and is already used by law enforcement and public transportation agencies,” said Steve Dunn, CEO and founder PURIFYD.

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